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The First Post-COVID Pandemic Meeting!

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

The North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) just held its first in-person meeting since the development of the COVID pandemic! I am both honored and grateful for the opportunity to be able to finally go to another medical conference in person. The NANS mid-year meeting is jointly provided by the Congress of Neurological Surgeons and the North American Neuromodulation Society.

I was excited to be able to take part of the cadaver course prior to the meeting. There were limited spots, and some of the physicians you got to work with were some of the biggest names in the field of neuromodulation. In addition to having some hands on experience, it was also an honor to be able to hear some of the in the field of neuromodulation speak. I absorbed and learned as much as I could, so that I can continue to bring the most up to date medical care and technology to Louisiana.

As your pain physician, I promise to always to strive to be one of the best of the in the field of chronic pain. Although I may have already completed my training for not one but two specialties, I will always consider myself a life-long learner. I believe that continuing education for all medical specialties is vitally important for staying up to date in one’s field of practice.

As the field of chronic pain medicine and neuromodulation continues to advance, I will continue to work to bring the latest procedures and technology to you.

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